Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finally a Sunny Day

We have had a ton of rain lately. Mostly in the form of whacky thunderstorms. It will be sunny one minute and stormy the next. But spring has never been so gorgeous around here so I'm not complaining.

Last night Dad went camping with Mikey. He got back home in time for the 9:00 AM Ma and Pa Trek Prep meeting at the church. Then we were off to a funeral at 10:00 where John Y. Merrell was honored by his family. The highlight being Carly and Brooklyn singing with their pure sweet voices. Then Dad spent all afternoon working in the yard. He brought an electric thatching thing that he pushed around while wearing 4 inch spikes on his shoes to aerate the lawn. No wonder he is out like a light in his recliner with the Mavs/Thunder game going in the background. (Go Mavs and Bulls.) I finally got around to planting these flowers today:Yeah, they're stock photos, but trust me, they look exactly the same. I have a long way to go to get all of my flower planting done.

When Mikey got home from his camp out/hike at 2:30 he got all cleaned up for Mormon Prom. We all met up at the Wheatley's for pictures. Their were over 40 kids from our stake there. Mikey went with Yesenia and all of his buddies from YMs and their dates:A seriously awesome group of kids. MK also went to the prom but with her BFF, Olivia, to help serve food. She had a great day playing outside with all of her buds in the cul-de-sac.

Meanwhile I love to sew, but holy moly, I can't believe the sizing on patterns! MK weighs a mere 107 pounds and wears a size 10? What the??? Oh well, the bride's maid dresses are coming along slowly but surely. But next time I think I will be measuring like crazy before I assume a size.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Whadda Weekend

Laura flew into BWI at 11:00 on Wednesday night. MK stayed up WAY past her bedtime to go with us to pick her up. After going to bed at 1:00 AM she somehow managed to survive seminary and a full school day before coming home and taking a 4 hour nap. Laura and I got so much done for the wedding while she was here. 500 invitations in the mail, bridesmaid dress patterns purchased, lunch at plaka grill one day, lunch at baja fresh another day, dinner at Dad's fave Thai place, shoes picked out and ordered, non stop dance parties with MK,pictures burned onto a CD for the wedding slide show, plus her super nice bridal shower put on by my awesome friends. It all went by too fast! Bruce cooked his amazing spaghetti after church yesterday and we had G-ma and G-pa plus Jessica and Mark and the missionaries. It was fun to visit with everyone before Laura had to leave. The trip back to bee-wee was a breeze. No traffic and the weather was sunny and nice. We got home in 45 minutes only to learn that her plane would be delayed because of impending thunderstorms. 4 hours later she was finally on her way to Chicago where she missed her connecting flight. Lucky for her she has a dad who looks out for her. He was able to book a room in a nearby Hampton Inn where she got a decent night's sleep. Meanwhile Jordan got her shift covered at work and arranged a ride home for her from the airport. She should get to Provo 24 hours after she left here. The girl has quite the traveling adventures!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dia de la Madre

For some reason we had a Mexican themed Mother's Day this year. Last night we went with the Stringhams up to Olney, Maryland to celebrate Bill's birthday at Cafe Rio. It was quite the wait in the mega long line for the boys while us girls sat at the table and talked weddings.

Then today Dad and MK prepared a marvy din din of tacos, beans and rice, refried beans, black beans, chips and salsa. G-ma and G-pa came and we had a great time opening our cards. Mikey got this gorgeous rose for me at church today: And then he made this cool card with all 7 of my babies on it: Nathan and Steph sent these awesome flowers--the lilies are going to be fun to watch as they pop open: Dad and MK got me the annual bunch of flowers from Safeway: It was fun to talk to all the kids on the phone and Jessica came over with this sweet plate: Happy Happy Day.

BTW, spring is bustin out all over in the back yard.The Rhodos are in full bloom!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Purging

While Dad has been working crazy insane hours the past two weeks I've gone on a cleaning/organizing rampage. Many thanks to my muscle, AKA Mikey, for hauling around tons of heavy stuff for me. The library is being taken over by donations for Gifts of the Heart -- Why, oh why, is it in May this year when it's always been in April?
Goodbye ratty old ping pong table. I will miss laying quilts out on you, but that's about it. Hello to more exercise space --and to my refurbished sewing table --
Goodbye useless computer and cabinets with circa 2006 pictures plastered on them and
hello to better seating --Goodbye over flowing shelves full of games --And hello to proper storage in the guest room --
Now on to better things--like Laura coming home next weekend for her shower! I can't wait:)