Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Things Afoot

Over the past few weeks my peonies have been a profusion of pink in my garden.
 My number four eagle received his award on the 9th of May.  After almost 20 years of scouting my ribbon is finally full.  Bruce has been serving in some capacity with the YM for about 18 years and we figured out the other day that he's been camping over night 200+ times over the years.  It all went by so fast that all of those cold, wet campouts that I would complain about him going on, now seem but a trifle;) 
 Matt G with Mikey after their Eagle Court of Honor.
This little cutie pie arrived on the 10th with his mom and dad to stay for the summer.  Jeff just finished his second year at Baylor Law and will be starting work soon in DC.  It's been so much fun having a baby in the house.  Especially when he laughs and expresses tons of personality.
I love being a grandma.
And speaking of Grandmas, Grandma D came to check out my baby girl who got all dolled up and went to Mormon Prom.   
She can't put the boy down.
"Do I have everything?"
 Couldn't resist making the comparison.
 Mikey went with his good friend Sydney.  They have known each other since they were 3. 
 MK went with her bud, Ryan.  
You would think that navy blue was the theme for the night.  
But there was a lot of pink too.
 MK and her BFF Olivia.
 Unwinding after the prom.  
AND finally....
   Our son Tom popped the question to his girlfriend, Leslie, on the 11th.  She is awesome.  Laura met her on study abroad in London 2 years ago and at the time thought very highly of her. Laura tried to introduce the two of them.  He didn't like the idea of his sister setting him up with someone.  Well, obviously they met (without her help) and have been dating since September. She is studying accounting at the Y.  They are getting married on August 10th in the Provo Temple.  As with the twins, we find ourselves once again getting the better end of the deal.  I know you all want to see it:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring League FH

MK is playing on a spring league field hockey team.  
They don't have an official goalie so MK volunteered to do it for the first half of her game on Saturday.  

 It took us half an hour to strap her into all the protective gear.  The jersey she was supposed to wear was missing.  I was a little nervous about it since her arms were bare and the ball is very hard.  

But as it turns out the other team was so terrible that they had zero shots on goal.  I think we won 7-0.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Playing With Scraps

I read somewhere that you can take a piece of fabric drenched in spray starch and it will stick to the wall like a vinyl decal.  So I cut up a bunch of hexagons from my favorite batiks and gave it the old college try.  
Hands down the easiest "quilt" I've ever made.  
Well, there's a reason for that--I knew it had to be too good to be true--after a few hours most of them had fallen off the wall.  I guess I'll be making it the old fashion way.... stay tuned :)

The Latest

Here's whats up:
My dad had his heart surgery a little over three weeks ago and so far it hasn't exactly been a picnic for him.  Several setbacks have left him very weak, but after taking care of some bleeding ulcers, we think he's back on the road to recovery.  My mom has been shuttling back and forth to Arlington Hospital everyday for the past 2+ weeks and everyone swears she's got the energy of a 20 year old.  She has been so sweet taking care of  my dad and you better believe she's on top of everything that goes with the doctors and nurses.
Bruce has been busy planting his garden which reminds me of the talk he gave on Sunday. We'll call it The Allegory of the Tomotao Plant.
I have been cleaning, organizing, donating, purchasing and decorating.
Jessica just took up Bikram Yoga which she says is the hardest thing she's ever done in her life.  
Nathan is taking his finals up in Moscow, ID while Steph started her new job the other day in Boise.  He can't wait to be done so he can move down in a few days.
Jeff finished his second year at Baylor Law School last week and he, Krista and baby Dean are packing up to move here for the summer.  They will be here in less than a week which explains what I've been doing.  
Thom is working 40+ hours a week as the manager of the Provo J-Dawgs, courting the girl of his dreams, and taking classes.  Go Tom!  Laura is loving married life, still working 20 hours a week as the secretary in the intramural office, taking 2 classes for spring term, and doing her internship as a physical trainer. She's also been a bridesmaid two times in the past couple months.  Busy girl:)  Jordan is busy at work and plays a lot of softball for Enterprise and is on a BYU intramural team and will hopefully win the most coveted t-shirt on campus this time around.
Mikey has a serious case of senioritis which could explain why he's home right now from school taking a mental health day:)  Over the past few weeks he has been running a lot and lifting weights to get ready for high adventure which will be 10 days of SCUBA in the Florida Keys.
MK is serious about getting a tan.  And that's about it. But she's going to play goalie for the first time tomorrow night in her field hockey game.  And she's going on a date tonight.