Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun Day

Yesterday Leslie was able to spend some time with us while she is in the area for an accounting seminar.  I took some pics on my phone: 
 The first thing we did was go to Georgetown for some window shopping.  
 Mugging at Anthro.
 And getting some cupcakes:)
After Georgetown we took the LONG way (being in the wrong lane at the wrong time in DC will do that) to visit Grandma and Grandpa D.  I think they like her.  According to Grandma, "Tom hit the bull's eye".  
 Even though Leslie just visited Greece, MK, Mikey and I went ahead and took her (and a few assorted Bournes) to Plaka Grill.  Sooooo good.   
Did I mention how thrilled we are that Tom found such a wonderful girl?  Here is a sneak peek of a couple of engagements photos.  Justin did a great job on them!
  He cleans up nice, huh?  (She always looks nice.)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What I Did in June

A few weeks ago I saw this on Pinterest:
   After hitting up my batik scrap pile I came up with this:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bye Bye Baby

Such a sad morning to have to drop Krista and Dean off at Dulles.  Jeff decided to take his sweet time before going in to work, so I drove him to the Capitol via Georgetown Cupcakes so we could drown our sorrows with these:
   Then we realized how good we really have it when we found this near where we  parked: 
 Crazy, huh?  
Miss this mug: 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crazy Week

Tuesday morning at about 5:45 AM this motley crew showed up on our driveway:  
After some tense hours  of driving through tropical storm Debby, they arrived safely in Islamorada, Florida for their awesome high adventure.  
 Once they got down there, it  didn't take long to start diving.
 Not exactly roughing it!
They are having a blast!  

Meanwhile, MK started off her week on Monday by heading off to girls' camp in nearby Haymarket, VA.  The girls combined with 4 stakes this year at Camp Snyder which is a Boy Scout camp.  Kind of gross if you ask me.  
 Roughing it in disgusting platform tents with a good attitude:)
 With her youth camp leader partner, Meg:)
Spiders?  Heat?  Drama with crazy girls?  I got this.
PS:  This is how I spent my week:

Back home, Jeff spent Thursday amid the circus also known as the supreme court's decision on Obamacare.  His job was to run a copy of the decisions down to Senator Lee.  My friend, Ellen, couldn't resist taking this picture "of Jeff":
It pretty much sums up the insanity of the day. 

The weekend came with a bang: 
 It was a crazy strong storm that raced through the area on Friday night.  MK and 599 other young women and their leaders safely huddled up in the mess hall for shelter.  It knocked out our power and did this:  
 It took Jeff and me a good 15 minutes of searching to see where, what we thought was an entire tree, came from.
 Then we looked up and discovered the top of an extremely tall tree had  been sheared off.
It landed on our neighbors brand new fence but managed to not do too much damage--lots of other trees are sort of  holding it up.  
Time to invest in a chain saw?  I think so.

On Saturday morning I went to retrieve MK a few hours before camp officially ended so we could get her packed and out the door to the airport.  With lots of dirty clothes and dead cell phones we were grateful for our friends --the Moffitts and the James, who saved us with their washing machines and power outlets.  Since they both had girls at camp we had fun listening to MK tell us all the crazy stories from their week.  We were so happy to find the power on when we got home with our clean laundry:)

Then it was off to BWI.  Olivia's mom drove us so that we could see our "babies" off on their adventures.  It was the first time either of them have flown alone but since they had each other we knew they would be fine.
Off they go with boarding passes in hand.
Tom and Leslie picked them up in Salt Lake and now they are with Jordan and Laura.  They start BYU basketball camp tomorrow!  Good times:)