Saturday, June 1, 2013

Catching Up!

On Feb 20 our 5th missionary received his call to the Brazil Porto Alegre North Mission!  Mikey reports on July 9th to the Sao Paulo MTC if his visa comes through in time.  We couldn't be more thrilled for him!
Of his Vienna buddies Mikey will be the last to leave following (from L-R) Garret Bourne who is going to Belgium, Nick Moffitt who is going to Texas and Matt Goodson who is going to London.
On Feb 23 MK had fun participating in the Oakton Stake Road Show: "Oh The Places You Will Go" 
On March 9th MK and her friends graced the tidal basin to enjoy the gorgeous blooms:
We went at 7:00 AM to beat the crowds.  The cherry blossoms were at their peak and the girls loved it.  Until they found out that 2 dead bodies were pulled from the water a  few days later.  From L-R:  Courtney Moffitt, Meagan Moffitt, MK and Janessa James:
At the end of March the thermometer plummeted just in time for us to leave for Florida.  While it was snowing back home in Vienna, MK was doing this on Cocoa Beach:
The cold temps caught up with us so we explored some wildlife sanctuaries and went to a Nat's spring training game.
On April 25th we flew to Utah for this pretty girl's graduation:
Wait, why would I be putting MK's seminary class in the middle of our Utah trip?  BECAUSE after 16 years of Nielson family perfect attendance someone's alarm clock didn't go off and her mom wasn't there to back her up :(  Sad day.  Cute class, though.
About fell over when we caught up with Mikey--he's lost so much weight!  It was great visiting with G-ma and G-pa too.
Tom and Leslie have the cutest little house and are busy making it a home.  So fun to see them:)
We also went to the amazing wedding of this cute couple,
Lisa and Ryan Bench: 
After four days in Utah we headed to Idaho to see Nathan graduate from Law School.  Woo Hoo!
Nathan is the handsomest, Roxie is the cutest Steph is the best for putting up with them:)  We ate out tons and even went to look at model homes when we were there.  I hope they live in one soon.  Although for now, their apartment is really cute.
Only 2 days in Idaho and we were off to Texas for law school graduation #2.  
Baylor's graduation was very entertaining.  They sure love RG3 in Waco. 
Cutest. Family. Ever.
I don't adore this child, or anything.
2 days wasn't nearly long enough, but alas, after 10 days on the road it was time to go home.
 On May 11th MK went to the Mormon Prom held in Fredricksburg, VA.  
What a nice looking group!  L-R: Johnny Stevens, MK, Graham Bourne, Karly Castellaw, Cole Bishop, Meagan Moffitt, Carson Carraway and Hadley Powers. 
MK and Johnny
On May 31st she went to Madison Prom with Michael Nielsen:
He surprised her by showing up in his uncle's 1967 convertible Cadillac.  She LOVED it.  The awesome group of Mormon kids.  From L-R: Katy Harrison, Graham Bourne, Lauren Michaely, Jesse Tuttle, MK, Michael, Olivia Hartt, Matt Livingston, Jessica Howard and Brandon Corry:
Not to upstage MK's prom or anything, but Baby Dean got a hair cut!