Tuesday, March 27, 2012

16 Years Old!

On Sunday afternoon we got a visit from the ward's coolest 10 year old. His name is Nathan but goes by Nay Nay. Today is also his birthday.  Not only did he make her this awesome card:  

But there were also two fun sized Snickers taped onto it.

And as if that wasn't enough... This morning she walked out for seminary and found this on the front steps:  

This time from the smartest/sweetest YM in our ward, Jesse.  How is it that my little tom boy with the bow in her hair is all growed up???????

Saturday, March 24, 2012

MK & Olivia's Super Sweet Sixteen

Centerpiece.  The Yorks were a must.

B-day Banner.  I used up my old scrapbook paper.

 Converging in the kitchen.

 With Hannah, Ashley, Hadley, Cami, Karly and Katy.

 Matt G, Parker, Nick, Graham and Cole.

 Birthday Girl.

 Hannah, Katy, Ashley and Cami.

 Hadley, Karly & Matt.

 Matt, Ryan & Peter.

 Incredulous Janessa.

 NCAA Sweet Sixteen Games.  Olivia's cousin, Stillman White, was a key player for UNC.  The Hartts were biting their nails on the edge of their seats as UNC eked it out in OT.  Thanks to the unseasonably warm spring the kids all went outside with glow sticks so we could watch the last 10 minutes of the game in relative peace and quiet.

 Garret, MK and Janessa.

 The YM obsessing over a remote control car game.

 Olivia had to come a little late because of her soccer game.

 Graham pulling out tissues one at a time in barely under a minute.  

 The aftermath.

 Cami playing a minute to win in "tennis" game.

 MK playing the game.

 Nick trying to flip the cup onto the water bottle in 60 seconds.  

 The Dizzy Mummy.  Unrolling a full roll of TP by spinning--in under a minute.

 Garret and Mikey trying to kill themselves doing the cinnamon challenge.

 16 Candles.


 Woo hoo!


 Eating cake.

 Loving on Jesse.  He gives the BEST GIFTS.  Vera Bradley?  Oh, yes he did.

Cherry Blossoms

On Thursday afternoon MK and I piled into the car with the Powers and headed downtown (along with Meagan and everyone else on the eastern seaboard) to checkout the cherry blossoms.  They were just getting past peak, but still gorgeous.  We dropped the girls off to walk around the tidal basin while we searched for a parking space.  We found a FREE spot (??) about 1/4 mile away and walked alongside the DC channel.  When we got to the Jefferson Memorial I called MK so we could figure out where they were so we could meet up with them.  She had her ringer off.  It took 7 calls and 10 minutes before she finally answered.  As it turned out they were right around the bend from us.  All in all it was a great time.  Thanks Kim! 

 Meagan, MK and Hadley.

 I took this one on the sly for G-ma.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Belated Birthday Wishes

What do Justin Bieber and G-Ma D have in common?  They are both awesome and good looking.  They both have fans out the wazoo.  They're talented and successful at what they do.  AND they share the same birthday.  March 1st.  Sadly we couldn't celebrate on her special day since she was in Florida soaking up the sun with G-Pa.  So we had them over this past Sunday for din din and present opening.   
 She got an apron:)

 G-Pa rocking his J-Dawgs shirt.

 We had the Elders for dinner too.

 MK and Mikey looking good:)

The girls.