Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mikey's T-Shirt Blanket

About three years ago I cut up about 40 of Laura's old T-shirts and made this:

Last month I cut up about 30 of Mikey's old T-shirts and made this:

There were a couple of shirts I would have liked to have included but he still wears them.  Since a few of you have asked me how I made them, here goes:

about 2 yards of 60 inch wide solid colored polar fleece (4 yards of you want to make it double thickness)
6-8 yards of Pellon Wonder Under--I got mine on overstock.com
Rotary cutter, mat and ruler

Prewash and then cut 60" wide fleece (the solid color of your choice) to the desired size.

Using a rotary cutter, roughly cut out the logos.  I most often use the ones on the front and the back of the shirt.  If you have the patience you can cut out the remains of the t-shirts into "yarn".  I didn't have the patience.

Cut out enough wonder under to cover each logo and how much of a border you want around it.

Iron the wonder under paper side up to the wrong side of the logo.

Using a rotary cutter and ruler cut out the wonder under backed logo.

Lay out your logos on a single layer of fleece.  Play with them until you like the arrangement.  (On Mikey's I found a couple of shirts late in the game and kind of forced them to fit on the bottom right hand side making it a little off.)

Once the logos are placed to your liking, remove the paper backing and iron them logo face up on to the fleece directly where it lays.  I did mine on a hard wood floor and it was fine underneath the fleece.

Once they are all ironed on, for extra stability, sew about a 1/4 inch around the edges of each of them.  I used black in the bobbin to match the fleece and a neutral color to match the t-shirt.

Trim the threads.

For a light blanket, you're done.  But if you want extra thickness you can baste a second second layer of fleece to the top layer along the edges and then sew around the edges.

MK has about 50 t-shirts stock piled already....and she still has a year before she graduates.  By the way, Bruce thinks I should take a picture of each quilt and put them on t-shirts;)