Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas 2012 and New Years 2013

Yet another reason why living in Vienna is so awesome:
This year we made a ton of fudge, strung lights, stapled together paper chains, decked the halls with boughs of holly, sent out our annual card, booked lots of flights, threw back to back parties, watched lots of bowl games and ate WAY too much.  But the best part was getting reacquainted with our adorable grandson.  Here he is with his Great G-Ma D:
 Seriously!  Those eyes!
 Who needs toys when there is a boingy door stop to play with?
 I have the most beautiful daughters and daughter-in-laws!  Here's Nathan and Steph who came all the way from Boise:
 Christmas eve tradition:
 Yay!  Mikey is home for three weeks!  Thanks, BYU, for giving us an extra one this year!
 The haul:
 Nathan and Steph:)
 Mikey, checking out his stocking:
 MK in her onsies and her BFF, Baby Dean:
 Jeff spoiling Krista:
 I love my calendars from my DILs of happy 2012 memories:

Dean's first trip to smash burger:  Dispense with the french fries already! 
 Four Generations of boys:
 And girls:
 At G-ma and G-pa Ds:

 Too cute:
 Jessica spent lots of time over here doting over the boy.  He was too much fun:)
 It's really kind of ridiculous how much this child is loved!
  MK helping with the decorations for the New Year's dance.  481 teenagers came.  It was a par-tay.
I look forward to making many more happy memories in 2013.