Thursday, August 16, 2012

Leslie & Tom's Wedding

August 9th 2012:
Going to Utah always means happy reunions:
Seeing Tom for the first time in 8 months as he worked the grill at J-Dawgs.
Meeting up with Laura in the halls of the RB at BYU when she finished up with work for the day.
But nothing could top reuniting with this little guy:)

The day before we got there, Tom and Leslie officially became home owners.  Their house is old and tiny, but very clean and I have no doubt that they will make it into a little piece of heaven on earth.
It even came with a garage and workshop full of ancient tools:)
MK testing out the new carpet in the living room with Baby D.
The next day we got to sleep in and take our time to get over to the Provo Temple where the 11:30 AM wedding took place.  G-ma and G-pa N made the trek from Lynndyl, but it was a little too far for G-ma and G-pa D :(  Beautiful girls:
The best place on earth to get married:
The happy couple upon emerging through the temple doors:
Nathan and Steph came down from Boise.  13 months was way too long to go without seeing them!  They are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary on the 19th--we love them!
We just couldn't get enough of this ridiculously handsome boy:
The not nearly as cute boys:  Jordan, Nathan, Tom, Dad, Mikey and Jeff.
The groom with his proud momma and papa:)
The not so newlyweds still happy and still in love:
The stunning bride and her attendants.  Jessica, MK, Laura, the new Mrs. Nielson, Anna, Charlotte, Caroline and the other Leslie.  Who knew Land's End had such cute dresses?
Great place for the Wedding Luncheon:
The food was unbelievably good.  Over dessert a few of us gave the bride and groom some not so serious advice on how to adjust to living with each other.  I gave Leslie a bottle of Pepto to compensate for Tom's culinary experiments.  MK gave her earplugs for when he sings during guitar hero. Others told sweet stories of them growing up in their families and others gave emotional toasts. Since Mikey rarely sees Tom he came up with this word cloud to give to Leslie of Tom's twitter account:
Fortunately for Tom, she beat out Gilbert Arenas and the Caps for the most tweets;)
The reception was awesome at the Provo Library Ball Room.  More on that later when the professional pictures come (thanks once again to our friend Justin Stubbs for doing Laura's wedding and now Tom's--he even did Lisa's the next day!)  Tom with Justin as well as his good friend (and boss), Jay:
  After the reception Jordan, Mikey, Dad and MK practiced their synchronized swimming routine in the hotel pool.  Stunned onlookers even gave them scores.
Bright and early on the 11th we made our way through one construction detour after another, to the Mount Timpanogas Temple for Jared and Lisa's wedding.  Jess and I waiting for the bride and groom to emerge:
He's 17 inches taller than she is, but they truly were made for each other.  Her sister, Julie, made her dress.  So sweet!  It was so fun to be with Mark's family and to share in each other's back to back weddings.  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Time Flies

Field Hockey tryouts are tomorrow.  That can only mean one thing.  Summer is over. At least it is for MK.  But, she can't complain. After a week of girls' camp, 9 days in Provo for BYU basketball camp, an amazing Coldplay concert, 4 days in Palmyra, NY for Youth Conference, a week at EFY at Southern Virginia University, not to mention her first rides on roller-coasters, she has had a whole heck of a lotta fun.
At Camp Snyder
A break from softball on the 4th of July in Provo
With Eli and Laura.
Chillin' with  Brandon Davies at b-ball camp.
 After being upgraded from nosebleed to the 3rd row at the Coldplay concert:)
At a Church historical sight in Palymyra.
Sunset in NY and lookin good with Janessa.
 EFY with her Oakton Stake buds.
MK + Matt, Janessa, Peter, Ashley, Cami, Spencer, Katy, Karly, Hannah and Hadley.
Being scared with Nay Nay pre-roller-coaster ride:) 
So, what's next?
Stay tuned...