Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I'm going to miss this.  I went to all 11 games + 2 tournament games in which the James Madison High School JV Field Hockey Team scored at least 22 points and only allowed 1 point scored against them.   I'll miss the excitement of waiting to see who emerged from the goal carrying the ball after scoring.  I'll miss the great parents I've sat with on hot days, cold days and mostly wet days.  Heck, I'll even miss putting in my shift at the snack bar talking weddings with our assistant athletic director who just got married.  To make it to all the games, I've given up other things I should have probably attended, but MK will be out the door before I know it.  I'm so glad I didn't miss a single minute.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some Sharma Memories

I am lucky to have had a friend like Sharma Sleight.  She was too sick to come to Laura's wedding, but wanted me to come over with some pictures of it.  We sat and visited for a couple of hours back in July as we shared photos with each other. We had a great time.  Family was everything to her.  During that visit she told me that someone once commented that it was selfish of her to use up the world's resources by having 6 kids.  We could only shake our heads and feel sorry for that person.  I have always been impressed by her knowledge of the scriptures.  It seems like she taught seminary forever and had at least 2 of my kids in her class.  I don't believe I've ever seen a more used set of scriptures.  They seriously looked like a book that accidentally fell in the bathtub, but no, they were just overly loved.  As I recall there were no thumb tabs either.  She didn't need them because she knew them backwards and forwards.  Back in the spring, my friend Connie and I both had the impression that we needed to collaborate on a quilt for Sharma and this is the result.  

The front is pretty awesome, but it was the Sleight family reunion pictures on the back that got us all teared up. Nicole was there and I brought along Laura and MK.  It was a day I will never forget.  

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spirit Week

Any kid in the SGA at Madison will tell you that Homecoming week is a killer. Add early morning seminary, a full day of classes and in MK's case, field hockey, and by the end of the week the only thing left to run on is adrenalin. Tough as it is, Mikey and MK still had a blast and made the most of it. Monday was 80s day:

Tuesday was USA day:
Wednesday was Jersey Day:
Thursday was Disney Day. Mikey about gave me a heart attack when he came downstairs dressed as The Beast:
MK found Lightning McQueen slippers at Unique so that was the extent of her outfit.
Friday was class T-shirt day. And the parade down Maple Ave.

Our favorite Homecoming Princess, Bethany Hartt:
And the James Madison 2011 Homecoming Queen is..................................................Yep! Bethany!
So sweet that Amy came home to crown her! MK and Liv with the Queen:)
Obligatory Pre-dance pictures. Mikey with his cute date, Janessa James.
The group:
MK went towards the end of the dance (sans date) to help clean up as part of her SGA duties: