Monday, November 26, 2012


Look who's here!
They arrived at midnight on Friday night the 16th and left the next morning with Dad and MK to hike Old Rag at 5:30 AM.  After some crazy shenanigans involving a mouse, a recliner and a pellet gun on Saturday evening, Laura and I spent the following Monday morning shopping in Georgetown snagging this ridiculously good parking spot across the street from the entrance to G-town Cupcakes:  

The cupcakes are definitely over rated--they're only good because they're cool.  
If you want a European grocery store experience and ham that goes for $99 a pound take a stroll through Dean & Deluca:
After our fab time in G-Town scoring on some deals at Anthro, we met up with Jordan in Arlington to eat at East West Grill.  Goofy Laura waiting for our food and her man to show up:
 Lamb Kabobs:
I don't exactly get what the big whoop is all about but Jordan and Tom seem to that East West Grill is the end all of dining experiences.
I personally thought dinner that night was better.  Laura and Jordan made grilled balsamic prosciutto wrapped asparagus and I made butternut/acorn squash bisque.  Dang good.
L&J biked into the city to meet Dad for lunch on Tuesday while I helped decorate the Oakton Stake Christmas tree at the Washington DC Visitor's Center. They had Plaka Chicago gyros for dinner and Dunkin Donuts (Jordan's first ones!) for dessert and then did hot yoga with Jessica.  They loved it.
MK took a mental health day on Wednesday (they got out early anyway) and hit up IHop with her buds after seminary. Then we spent all of our money getting ready for Thanksgiving by going to Costco:
And going bowling:
And eating lunch at Smash Burger (if you haven't tried it yet, DO IT!):
   Laura took a long Thanksgiving nap after going to round two of hot yoga at 6:00 AM with Jessica.
MK and Dad ready to eat:
Sweet potato casserole from a recipe on my kindle:

What Bruce does with the turkey leftovers:  In addition to the swiss cheese, bacon and turkey there are olives, peanuts, and grapes in there.  Oh yeah, and cranberry sauce. All on his homemade sweet potato bacon biscuits. Your taste buds seriously go into over drive.
The Thanksgiving top ten:
We collectively gained at least 10 pounds.
L, J, MK and Dad hiked 9 miles up and down Old Rag.
Watched 8 movies (at least Jordan did) including Sky Fall (fun) and Life of Pi (mind bending). 
Enjoyed 7 side dishes (counting the relish tray) -- the Brussels sprouts stole the show.
Baked 6 loaves of Cranberry Orange Bread.
Had only 5 people join us for dinner this year.  So weird without Mikey :(
We each bagged at least 4 (or more) bags of leaves raking with the YM/YW for a service project.
Played 3 rounds of Scrabble Apple.
Watched 2 BYU football games-- they lost one and won one.
AND.....Put up 1 Christmas tree:
Time to crank up the Christmas music :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Out West Again

On Tuesday the 9th of October we got on a plane for a quick trip to UT and AZ.  Once again, our first destination after landing in SLC was j-Dawgs.  Mikey + assorted friends (and Jordan) showed up for a yummy lunch.  It was great to see Matt, Nick, Garrett, Dillon, Mikey and Bethany:)
 I miss my boys!
 Dad and his former YM:
 Finding Laura at work and having the good fortune to run into Rachel as well:
After a pedicure with Laura we were ready for some Chinese food at Shoots:
The newlyweds: 
After dinner we had to hit up Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory:
It's OK, they just ran a marathon.  They can afford the extra calories. Which leaves me with no excuse;)
 We drove down to Lynndyl after dinner and after being awake for 20 straight hours we collapsed in bed.  We had a fun day with Grandma and Grandpa.  We went to Delta for lunch and bought stuff for Bruce to make his fab chili.  While it sat in the crock pot we went shooting!  It was my first time.
 It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be!
 Grandma's classic wall in her kitchen:
 At Slab.  Laura and Jordan anxiously awaiting their buffalo chicken and thai chicken pizzas (seriously amazing--if you are ever in Provo you gotta try it, but, eat at j-Dawgs too;):
 Just before Laura talked him into buying her a Slab Pizza t-shirt:
 Cutie pies:
 After our lunch (that went by way too fast), we headed back up to SLC and boarded a plane to Phoenix.  We have had the pleasure of staying at the Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa for 4 years in a row: 
 It is ridiculously nice:
While Bruce went to meetings, I did some fun shopping and had a blast going out to lunch with my friend, Kim and her daugher Jessica along with her cute baby boy.  Last night I watched the Washington Nationals blow a 6-0 lead over the Cardinals to go on and lose in the 9th inning in game 5 of the NLDS.  They are still an amazing team.  They had the best record in baseball and brought us a lot of entertainment this summer.  Til next year!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Homecoming 2012

Spirit Week is always insanely busy for my kids who have been in the Student Government.  Add cross country to the mix and MK doesn't know whether she's coming or going.
She spent last Saturday in Richmond at a XC meet and later that night enjoyed an evening in DC at her friend/3rd cousin Taryn's sweet 16.  Up in a tree in our state's capital:
  It's tradition to dress up each day at school for Spirit Week.  Safari Day:
Salad Dressing Day-- the juniors got Ranch:
 Team Day:
The Cougars were well represented: 
 The Parade.  The juniors did the Up House:
 80s Day:
 The Dance.  Janessa and Olivia were awesome to help MK find a dress:) She spent several hours at the school decorating with the SGA to make it awesome.  With her date, Jesse:
 With Olivia and her date, Matt:
 The Glam throwback couple of the night, Graham and Katy.  Props to her mom for making the dress:
 The group.  Katy and Graham, Sarah and Blake, Kaili and Brandon, Liv and Matt, MK and Jesse, Carly and Cole, Janessa and Chris, and Kate and Moroni:
Like the blue nails?
Besties squared:
 Thanks Cami and Ash for helping with hair and pictures. You girls are the cutest: