Monday, September 12, 2011

Goooooo Cougs!

We went to Cafe Rio in Manassas on Saturday and saw a cute little girl in a BYU cheerleading uniform. Brought back memories of MK 10 years ago:


Well, s'long summer. You've been hot and wet. I'm looking forward to crisp fall days and cheering on the Madison Warhawks as well as the BYU Cougars on the gridiron.

Since the earthquake, we've had Hurricane Irene blow through which was over-hyped and amounted to pretty much nothing. A week or so later we had Tropical Storm Lee that snuck up on us with little fanfare, but caused serious flooding. Enough rain fell (about 10" in four days) to actually close down the area schools, using up one of our allotted snow days. So many roads were washed out that it took Jessica three and half hours to get home from work when it normally takes her 15 minutes. This was the scene not far from her office:
It's finally sunny and nice out and will hopefully stay that way for a while. MK is enjoying her second year on the Madison JV field hockey team. Go MK!
She's also playing on a very low key fall league basketball team. Add those to a busy social life, SGA, seminary, school and homework and she doesn't know if she's coming or going half the time. Mikey is pretty much in the same boat, minus the sports, but as soon as homecoming is over, he'll be getting a job.

Yesterday, amid the 9/11 commemorations all over TV, the twins celebrated their 27th birthday. I have tons of pics of them but hardly any with me. This was pretty much all I could dig up:
Holy Moly. I don't know which is worse, the TV screen glasses or the pasty white skin. At least the twins are cute. PS: Because of their extremely strong preferences, one of them was exclusively breast fed and the other was exclusively bottle fed. If you know their personalities at all, it's a no-brainer to guess who did which:)